Doris (dorisp) wrote in vegancooking,

Prep cooking and ice cream cake.

My out of town vegan boyfriend is coming down this weekend and I am trying to do as much cooking beforehand as possible so that I can spend more time making love then making food. (Har har...)

For his bday cake, I am making a peanut butter ice cream cake from La Dolce Vegan. My question is this: the recipe says to freeze for at least one hour but if I make it on Friday before he gets here will it keep in the freezer and be just as good if we eat it on Sunday which is his birthday? Any other advice on ice cream cakes is appreciated as well...

Also, can I make pancake batter and french toast batter beforehand and just stick them in the fridge?

Any other cooking suggestions or suggestions for dishes that I could make beforehand would be appreciated. Thanks!
Tags: -tips, desserts-cakes-ice cream
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