E. M. (a_cherry_on_top) wrote in vegancooking,
E. M.

Freezing muffin batter?

Awhile back, I took Vegan with a Vengeance out of the library. I loved it and intend to buy it when money's less tight, but in the meantime, I have a question about something I recall reading.

If I remember correctly, she said that you could pre-make muffin batter and freeze it in individual muffin papers. Then they could be baked by added a couple extra minutes onto the cooking time. Is this right? I'd love to make myself warm, fresh muffins for breakfast now that's it's starting to get cold! Plus, it's just me, and I wouldn't be able to finish a whole batch of muffins before they went stale.

Tags: -freezing-foods, breakfast foods-muffins
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