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Heavy Metal Vegan Cookbook: PLEASE DON'T FEED THE BEARS

Brad from the doom band Otesenak has just released a vegan cookbook called PLEASE DON'T FEED THE BEARS. Here's what he says about it:

"So I Wrote a Vegan Cookbook...

"A vegan heavy metal cookbook, that is. Please Don't Feed the Bears. Done in tribute to Soy not Oi!, the classic cookzine which sought to incorporate raging music back into the cooking experience (in part by suggesting a musical accompaniment to each recipe). The cookbook was done all cut and paste and includes 235 recipes, probably about 200 drawings (many admittedly pretty dumb; mostly bears and other animals, rockers and metalheads, and skulls), various writings, and a bunch of random shit (cooking notes and suggestions, the Heavy Metal is the Law crossword puzzle, archival Carcass interview, quotes I found interesting/enlightening, tattoo machine plans). Most of the recipes are basic in an eat-to-survive kind of way, yet interesting. I grew sick of vegan cookbooks that told me how to make rice pilaf and stir fry. I wanted to know how to make vegan corn dogs and cheese dip. Pickles and pita bread. I should be clear though, only a few of the recipes are completely my own. The rest are from friends, family, the internet, newspapers, and so on...all modified to my own liking. I collected them over the past twelve or so years, most of which appeared in three cookzines of the same name that I made and distributed in the 90s. This book is kind of an anthology of the zines, except I cut out all the dumb shit I hated and put in new stuff.

"Anyway, the book is 160 pages, paperback (vegetable-based ink, 100% post-consumer recycled paper, animal-free glue). 1984 Presses printed it, Microcosm Publishing put it out, and AK Press is doing most of the distribution. My cut of the book sales will go to the direct purchase of HIV medications for families in Uganda (where funding is available for medical infrastructure and staffing, but not the medications themselves). The proceeds from the sales of my personal portion of the book pressing will go directly into my home-buying downpayment fund. So consider it a good investment either way. If anyone is interested in a copy, get in contact. My copies are handstamped with a linocut and numbered. I'm selling them for $5.00 in person, $7.00 ppd in the US, and $9.00 ppd anywhere else. I'd like to think it's worth it for the Korgull the Marinator Voivod tribute back cover.

"I can take well-concealed cash, money orders, and maybe Paypal. Paypal has been proving to be a pain in the ass as of late and I can't figure out what I can and can't accept through them. I think I can just take balance transfers."

His email address for PayPal is - and I think you can contact him through that as well. Otherwise you can get the book from:

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