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thanksgiving 2006 ideas for those who like to start things early

So i am well aware that thanksgiving is 23 days away, but i am still curious as to what meals and dishes people are looking forward to or excited to try. True it is a bit early and halloween is tomorrow but i figured i would start this topic early for those of you who like to prepare 23 or + days ahead...jk. Actually this early post are for those who live in remote areas such as my self who have to order a majority of their vegan supplies. Also has any one tried the tofurky turkey? Not the replica lunch meat but thanks giving turkey. I am not to impressed with a majority of their products but maybe they might have a redeeming quality with this one? If it makes you want to throw up as much as actuall turkey then what else would you recommend?
Tags: -product reviews-meat analogues, holiday food-thanksgiving, substitutes-meat-turkey
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