vgnwtch (vgnwtch) wrote in vegancooking,

Oklahoman Corn Cakes

T'internet's a marvellous thing. I was just chatting with a dear friend who lives in Oklahoma, and she recommended corn cakes: "A packet of cornmeal muffin mix + a can of creamed corn + onions and cumin, and you fry it up like pancakes".

Now, I'm in the UK. We don't really have cornmeal muffin mix in my neck of the woods, and I've never seen creamed corn over here, so here's what I'm wondering:

a) Does anyone have a "from scratch" recipe?, and
b) Can I approximate creamed corn simply by chucking sweetcorn in a blender?

I'll be glad for any pointers.
Tags: ethnic food-american, grains-corn & polenta etc, side dishes
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