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Collection of Thanksgiving Recipes

Hi, everybody,

For those of you who, like me, have yet to celebrate Thanksgiving, I give you my "What on earth am I making for Thanksgiving this year?!?!11!" recipe list. It is by no means exhaustive; just a small-ish collection of recipes I've put together in the past week or two to help me (and now maybe somem of you) figure out the aforementioned question!

-Chickpea and rosemary dip
-Mushroom-walnut Paté
-Sage’s carrot butter paté
-Cranberry-ginger martini
-Homemade soy nog

-Fresh beet and apple salad - filed under 'salads', of course
-Carrot/beet/ginger slaw
-winter tabbouleh
-Warm pumpkin and chickpea salad with tahini

-Coconut smashed yams
-Garlic-stuffed potatoes
-Sweet potato kugel
-Green beans with cranberries
-Raspberry sweet potatoes
-POM Autumn rice pilaf

Gravies and condiments
-Roasted shallot and garlic gravy - click on 'Recipes', then 'Salsas, salads, and condiments'
-Punk Rock chickpea gravy from VWAV
Cranberry-sage chutney preserves

-Spinach-red pepper layered tempeh loaf - click on 'Recipes', then 'Main Dishes and Stews'
-Thanksgiving nut roast with stuffing and gravy
-Seiturkey with cornbread dressing
-Soy and seitan turkey loaf
-Thank you tomato lentil pot pie
-Plaidisyourpal's AMAZING tofu pot pie

-Chocolate chai spice torte with pumpkin filling, buttercream frosting, and almonds
-cranberry, pear, and red raspberry galette - under 'Desserts', of course
-Sugar-Free orange chocolate cake with pecans
-Pumpkin spice cutout cookies
-Bourbon, pumpkin, and spiced pecan tart
-Mango-key lime pie with coconut crust - not very Thanksgiving-y, but I think I'm going to have to make it anyway because it just sounds so dang good!
-Pumpkin coconut pie
-Pumpkin cheesecake

By the way, if anyone looks at over this list and thinks, "Goodness, this salad, that nut roast, and these two sides would all complement each other perfectly", let me know your thoughts! My idea of menu planning is generally: uh, make a bunch of stuff that tastes good?

Thanks, and enjoy! :o)
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