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Wild Rice Soup!

Here's the history: years ago (pre-vegan) I made this delicious wild rice soup with all sorts of non-vegan things in it. I'd been meaning to veganize for a long time, but I was being held back by a velveeta substitute (which was an integral part of the soup). However, tonight I tried it and it was amazing!!

Wild Rice Soup
6 T. margerine
2 medium onions (stew cut)
8 strips vegan bacon, cut into 1 inch pieces
6 c. veggie broth
3 c. water
1+ c. carrots (stew cut)
2+ c. red potatoes, unpeeled (stew cut)
1 1/2 c. uncooked wild rice (not the quick cook kind)
5 T. flour
1 c. non-dairy milk
1/2 - 3/4 c. nutritional yeast

1. Melt butter in large soup pot over medium to medium-high heat. Add bacon pieces and onions; saute until onions are cooked and bacon starts to brown.
2. Add broth, water, carrots, potatoes, and rice. Cover and cook on medium until rice is chewy and done (about 40-45 minutes).
3. Combine flour and non-dairy milk in a tightly sealed jar and shake well; add to soup. (If this is too thick at this point, add a bit more water.)
4. Add nutritional yeast.
5. Enjoy! Serves at least 6.

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