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Fried hot dog

So, being broke for the moment and thus unable to go food shopping, for the last few days I've had to get kind of creative by making meals out of the random ingredients that I still have in my kitchen. I've been meaning to post some of them, so today I'll start with the meal I just finished making and am currently enjoying.

Basically, I was trying to make somethign with the tofu dogs I had in the fridge, only I'm out of bread of any kind, so I had to use my imagination.
If you wanted to try the recipe, obviously you could add or substitute some stuff; this is just what I used, based on what I had to work with.

-yellow onion
-grapeseed oil
-tofu dogs, cut into bite-sized pieces
-kimchi (can be substituted with cabbage)
-vinegar (i used the marinate from the kimchi)
-honey mustard
-sriracha hot chili sauce
-dijon veganaise
-asian hot mustard (the little packets from chinese restaurants)
-ground mustard
-chili powder
-garlic powder

In a frying pan, briefly cook the onions and garlic in oil, then add the hot dog slices, celery, and kimchi or cabbage. After a few minutes, or at your discretion, add a little bit of water to the pan, then mix in plenty of honey mustard and chili sauce, some asian hot mustard, and a little bit of vinegar and veganaise. Add the spices according to your taste, and cook until the mustard sauce reaches a creamy consistency. Serve alone or spread on bread.

The flavor is pretty strong, but I personally love mustard and onions and hot sauce, so that worked out well for my taste. Naturally you can dilute this by using less of them or by adding other ingredients. It's kind of like a new york hot dog style taste, with a bit of an asian twist. I'd be really curious to know if anyone comes up with variations on this recipe.
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