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Quick Cheap and Easy (Lazy) Tortilla Soup Recipe

Quick and Easy (Lazy) Tortilla Soup Recipe
hi all! when i was young, my mom used to make this incredibly easy and lazy (sorry mom)tortilla soup and it would be one of my faaaaavoitre dinner nights. I'm sure you guys can spruce it up with more fresh, authentic ingredients, but for dinner in like ten minutes, this works for me!


6-8 14 oz cans of vegetable broth
one large jar (24oz) of your favorite salsa (i love fake mexican food tasting stuff so i use pace- mmm!)
one large bag of frozen corn

tortilla chips
cheddar cheese substitute (when i was a kid, we used real cheese that was all melty and yummy, so try to get one that melts.. i havent tried it with any sort of cheese recently, so im not sure which brand is best.)
sour cream substitute


take pot
pour broth, salsa, and corn in

let it heat up.

take bowl
put chips in bottom
ladle soup in
top with "cheese" and "sour cream"

this is good and super duper cheap even without the cheese sub or sour cream subs, (how i eat it),they just make it extra tasty.
eat it! yum! yum!
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