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Homemade yogurt

Yesterday and lastnight I tried my hand at making soy yogurt. The first time I combined 2 C. soymilk and 2 T. of plain soy yogurt. I set my oven at 100 degrees (F) and put it in after wisking the two together. After 7+ hours it came out really runny. I expected it to be somewhat like the Silk soy yogurt - compeletely different from dairy yogurt . . . but still somewhat thickish.

The second time I steralized all of my "tools" by dipping them in boiling water. This batch turned out slightly better, but still too runny to be considered yogurt. It's no where near the consistancy of Silk.

Has anyone had any good turn outs using soy yogurt instead of a powdered yogurt starter? Why type of container did you put it in? Lid? How long? Did you mix it up through the process and time it was in the oven?

I'd like to avoid buying a yogurt starter and a yogurt maker if possible. Thanks!
Tags: -adapting recipes, -appliances-yogurt makers, substitutes-dairy-yogurt
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