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Tofurkey vs. Unturkey Part II - more detail!

I saw a thread about this in the memories but it was mostly just "x rules!" or "ew, x was bad!" opinions. I am looking for which one you like better, why you like it better, and any special things you might do when you cook it (example: a friend of mine had a brother that submerged a tofurkey in marinade for two DAYS before cooking. hellooo, juicy!). I already know that I like Tofurkey but the Unturkey's are available to me this year and if they're delicious and can be cooked deliciously, I want to go for it.

So, tell me which you prefer and how you cook your preferred vegan "turkey".

And so I'm contributing -

I go for the Tofurkey. I lay it on a sheet of tinfoil in a baking dish, cut up the suggested on the box veggies (carrots, onion, potato, i think), throw said veggies around tofurkey and cover with another piece of tinfoil. I crimp the edges together and it makes a nice little foil pocket. I overload the marinade with apricot jam, toss in some tamari and water and and am generous with the toasted sesame oil. I baste the sucker every 30 minutes during cooking, and it always comes out great. I think its the sesame oil and frequent basting that makes it yummy.
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