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Sweet Bologna?

Okay so not sure if this can be done. I've been able to come up with vegan versions of just about everything I liked growing up, and I was never a fan of meat in general but I LOVED sweet bologna. Anyone know where you can get some vegan mock sweet bologna or how one might go about making it? Yeah I am at a loss as to how to flavor some meat-y type thing to make this but mmmm....grilled sweet bologna and cheese sandwich! Delicious!

Edit: Thanks for the suggestion, however I am not looking for an Oscar Mayer type bologna, but rather a sweet bologna which is quite a bit different (not sure if they have different bologna choices most places-I know here in Seattle we don't-but I grew up in Pennsylvania dutch country where we have the ever wonderful sweet bologna and lebanon bologna as well as "normal" bologna. Though the lighlife lunch meats are yummy on occasion) Thanks!
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