holly (insteepcliffs) wrote in vegancooking,

english muffin pies!

a variation on a theme, since i was all ready to make mini pizzas and then realized i didn't have any sauce.
it's a bizarre combination, but i thought it was pretty great, and a nice little autumn meal.

- an english muffin/roll of sorts
- enough mashed butternut squash to cover both sides of english muffin
- salsa! (i used apple salsa, which is divine, but it really doesn't matter.)
- soy cheese (i used FYH montery jack)

toast english muffin, slab on some butternut squash, salsa, and some soy cheese. stick in the oven at 425º for a few minutes/until cheese begins to melt. i was lazy and just stuck it in the microwave for a minute, but the cheese melt better in the over.

enjoy! and buy apple salsa if you can find some, its so so so good.
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