mindfulness (mindfulness) wrote in vegancooking,

Beans and nuts in the same recipe - any ideas?

What is your favourite bean + nut recipe?

It seems rare to find things that have both, and searching for them in memories or google comes up with bean recipes and nut recipes but not a bean and nut recipe. I'm guilty of it myself, but since I'm allergic to a lot of grains, and my blood sugar dictates I even reduce my brown rice intake I'm looking to combine the two. Usually I make dhal and have a nut/seed based recipe on the side, but I'm sure the creative and well versed cooks of this community are some of the best people to ask about such a thing.

I'm pretty much a vegan food loving curry/casserole/dhal kinda guy, but I'm willing to be more experimental or adapt suggestions to my preferences, which usually involve not cooking with oil or baking, both of which I used to do a lot of.

Ideas - hummus, almond + chickpea curry, walnut + adzuki bean sprout salad, bean/nut burgers, bean flour/tahini bread. Ummm...

Thanks. :-)
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