we too are stardust (im_sassy) wrote in vegancooking,
we too are stardust

portable thanksgiving recipes?

i live in santa cruz and i'm going to thanksgiving at my boyfriend's in
san francisco. i'll be taking the bus for two hours to get there, and
i'm trying to bring as much stuff as possible because though they
usually have soymilk and margarine and stuff at his house, i don't want to
count on it.

i want to make a pumpkin pie- i have a premade crust and i'm looking
for a recipe that's really good that will allow me to mix th wet
ingredients and bring them with me in a tupperware or something similar. or
any other suggestions?

i'm also bringing the cinnamon rolls from the garden of vegan, and i'm
thinking of making the dough and mixing the wet ingredients and then
letting it rise and baking them once i get there. what would you do?
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