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Substituting for Sherry

A couple of years ago, mookitten provided this glorious Chickpea Wellington recipe to vegancooking. I'd love to make it for Thanksgiving tomorrow, but have just noticed the need for 2 tbsp dry sherry - somehow, this bit entirely escaped me when I was looking before. Now, in the comments, it's noted that red wine made a good substitute. I have no wine. I'm wondering if a vinegar would work - I have apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, and white wine vinegar; I had been thinking that the red wine vinegar might work, but am in a flap.

To be honest, I'm simply panicking because it's the first time I've had extended family over to eat since I went vegan - I know that the US contingent enjoyed my cooking, but I'm irrationally scared of screwing up and the UK contingent assuming that vegan food is revolting on the basis of it. Stupid, I know, but what's happening nonetheless. Any advice gratefully received.

[EDIT]: Instead of 2 tbsp broth + 2 tbsp sherry, I used 3 tbsp broth + 1 tbsp white wine vinegar. And it was a hit - a very palpable hit! The aunts and uncle could not stop saying that the meal was gorgeous, and that the loaf was wonderful ("Oh, I would never have believed it!" "Isn't this lovely? It's really lovely."). So, thank you, mookitten and weizenwind - you've kickstarted a whole new holiday tradition for us.
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