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Soy custard ice cream

OK, I've just got a loan of an ice cream maker from a friend and I've looked through the archives and found some amazing recipes, but I have a question about recipes using commercial 'vegan' ingredients. My local supermarket sells boxes of soy custard which are quite reasonably priced (cheaper by quantity than tofu, certainly!) and I'd like to know if anyone has any recipes for using these as an ice cream base. I would think it'd be a lot easier than the boiling and blending that usually goes on with milks and tofu and the like (I have no decent blender) as it's already a good texture, but I'm not really experienced at making ice creams and am not sure where to start. Suggestions appreciated, successful recipes greatly appreciated!

(NB I'm in the UK, so I don't know how similar this soy custard is to US brands)
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