Michelle (michellecore) wrote in vegancooking,

tofurkey help?

I honestly apologize if this has been recently discussed what with all the Thanksgiving entries going on...but when I try to click on the memories or the main community page for this comm. my computer freezes and I can't access them. So if this HAS been asked in the past feel free to direct me to that post since I can't access it.

This is my first year cooking Tofurkey by myself, my mother attempted it last year and it came out really dry. So I am asking for some tips from you lovely people who have probably dealt with it before. How do you cook yours? What do you baste it with? A ton of websites I've read use sesame oil and apricot jam but unfortunately I don't have that in my house and can't get to a store today or tomorrow. :-/

I just want to make sure this comes out ok since I'm bringing a plate of my own food over to my aunt and uncles, they aren't cooking anything vegan so I'm on my own tomorrow. Thanks for any help!
Tags: substitutes-meat-turkey
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