scrotibologne (fonybolony) wrote in vegancooking,

Low carb recipes

Hello all. My dad has had crohns disease for 10 years or so and his doctor just retired. When he found a new doctor they discovered that he had been on the wrong blood pressure medicine for 10 years which has almost completely damaged his kidneys and liver and given him very bad diabetes. His new doctor is an Indian man that suggested that he eat vegan at least 3 days a week. (which is awesome!!!) But due to his diabetes he has to eat low carb/low sugar. Could anybody help me find recipes that I might be able to give him that are low carb and vegan please. Does anyone here have diabetes or crohns disease. I've looked on google and found some, but if anyone has experience with this let me know. He isn't doing well. Thank you.
Tags: -health-diabetes, -health-low sugar/low calorie
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