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Using Cold Dry Ingredients In Baking

Hello Vegans

I have been struck down with the dreaded Indian Meal Moths. Pray
you never see these buggers... they are both disgusting and impossible to get
rid of.

So... I also got Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.

SO I Want to BAKE!

I had to throw out all my flour/sugar and dry baking goods, and can't store any
outside the fridge.

I have practically NO fridge room. But alot of freezer room.

If I bought flour sugar baking powder baking soda etc. And stored it in the
freezer. Would cold/frozen dry ingredients still work out to produce beautiful and delicious cupcakes?

Please say yes because I don't think I can live another day without them.
Tags: -food storage, -freezing-foods
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