Kendy aka MissMuffcake (missmuffcake) wrote in vegancooking,
Kendy aka MissMuffcake

tofu past due date & italian marinade SOS

+I need help ASAP+

I was going to make pizza and salad for my boy and me for lunch...He is coming over later than expected and I just scarfed down 3 bowls of cereal and 6 cups of coffee* (in a 3 hr period which I guess does not make it any less bad)...

I just noticed my WildWood firm tofu has a date taht says 'useby' that went up yesterday. Can I still use it? Also I have some Italian pasta spices and Braggs (nectar of gods) and thought of letting the tofu chill in this mix for a bit then baking it for 10-15. I want to toss it in the salad with an Italian wine dressing...Is this gross or a go-ahead?

*I don't know if it is a weather change or what but I am uber hungry in the morning now rather than at night. I am alos wanting a lot of coffee and green tea. I used to eat more at night and cap my coffee at 4 cups a day...Maybe my body is used to doing a lot in the day and I am needing the extra boost.
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