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Sago recipes

Hello everybody!

A little while ago I bought some tiny sago balls but they're no good for the reason I bought them (they were originally for Bubble Tea, as suggested by my sister, but my large tapioca balls are, well, better) so now I have a big packet of sago and I have no idea what to do with it.

It's not one of those easy-peasy, 5 minute brands of sago (not that I've seen any around here, but I think they exist) so it will require long-ish cooking, I'm assuming.

I know that usually sago is used in milk-based puddings, but I've no idea where to start or where to find a vegan sago recipe that's actually nice.

I really don't want to waste this product, so any recipes or links to places with good recipes would be lovely, thanks :)

P.S, do posters tag entries here or do the mod(s) do it so an entry get the right tags? Sorry if this is obviously posted somewhere.
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