vgnwtch (vgnwtch) wrote in vegancooking,

Your Regular Reminder

A gentle reminder that tagging your posts makes it possible for you and others to look them up for future reference. Clicking on the tags on this post will take you to all the entries on tagging, which include step-by-step instructions on how to go about doing it.

Also, a reminder that this is a relatively high-traffic community, so lj-cutting is deeply appreciated (see the Community Guidelines on the info page for more on lj-cutting).

Just a quick look through the tags reveals what an enormous treasure trove of recipes, tips, and recommendations we have here. It's quite incredible. The Recipe Index & FAQ contains an awful lot of information, too, and is well worth checking through. I'm always impressed by the collective creativity of this community, but looking through the archived posts - even very quickly - really brings it home.
Tags: --admin, --community rules/discussions/polls, --tags
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