Krygyzstan! (ohyourgod) wrote in vegancooking,

coconut milk?

I really really want dessert, but I have neither the money nor the motivation to go to the store. I've got pretty much everything I might need in the way of dry ingredients (except for cocoa powder or chocolate chips), but I'm out of "milk" and margarine and pretty much any other liquid ingredient.
I do have some canola oil, a little can of coconut milk, and some maple syrup. There is a woman at my office who says that she veganizes recipes by replacing the milk and butter with coconut milk.
I've done some extensive googling, but all I've found is rice puddings, which don't quite sound appetizing. And I thought of pancakes but I made those last week. I think I want cookies. MMM cookies.

Any ideas?
Tags: -what can i do with...?
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