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Coconut Cherry Date Nut Balls

I wanted to make something nice to give to coworkers, family and friends. I was inspired by Dr. Fuhrman's Date Nut Pop'ems and of course I got carried away and had to make these less healthy. Anyway, I created this recipe as I went along so I don't have measurements. They don't need to be precise anyway--this recipe is flexible!

Pitted dates
Flaked coconut
Cherries, cut in halves
Baker's chocolate

Blend/mash pitted dates until a paste is made. Add hot water if unable to stir. Grind walnuts in a coffee grinder. Combine the dates and walnuts until consistancy seems right. If it is too sticky, add more nuts. If it is too dry, add some dates.

Flatten out the paste on wax paper. Get this as thin as you can and make it into a rectangle. Put a layer of coconut flakes over this. Place cherry halves in a row acros the bottom of the rectangle. Cut vertical lines inbetween each cherry. Roll up each section. Make a mixture of ground nuts and flaked coconut. Use this to roll the rolls in. Form them with your fingers so that they are nice and compact. Heat up the baker's chocolate in a double broiler or pot on low. Dip half of each roll into this. Place on wax paper till cooled.

These are very sweet, rich, and wonderful. They remind me of Almond Joys. If you aren't into really sweet things, you won't be that crazy about this. For all you sugar-holics...experiment with other nuts and whatnot mmmmm
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