Ingrid (eschewsyou) wrote in vegancooking,

Swedish Christmas?

So, my Farmor (Swedish grandmother) always insisted we celebrate Christmas in the traditional Swedish fashion, which generally consisted of me tottering around in a nightgown and sash, with a tray full of delicious Christmas goodies. Well, thanks to cultural bias and a little bit of skill on my part, I've got a job at a local store here called "Scandinavia Today". I really want to make some yummy desserts to bring for our Christmas party, but I'm falling short on ways to veganize the traditional Lucia buns. The internal egg isn't too hard, but there's also a pretty thick eggy glaze on them as well. Plus, most of the recipes I've found online seem to call for "saffron strings". I'm not too familiar with saffron, or even how to acquire it. Do you guys think it's completely necessary?
I was also wondering if anyone in this community celebrates a Swedish or Scandinavian Christmas and what, if any, traditional foods you like to serve!
Thanks in advance!
Tags: desserts(uncategorized), ethnic food-norwegian/scandinavian, ethnic food-swedish, fruits-dried, holiday food-christmas
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