zenturtle (envirogirl) wrote in vegancooking,

soy and wheat free meals

after doing an elimination diet of sorts, i've discovered that soy may be a cause of a number of ailments that i have had for years. i also like to limit my intake of wheat. these days i'm really trying to make veggies the star of my meals without relying on soy/tofu/fake meat products (and trust me, i'm a tofu lover). i'm curious as to what your favorite meals are that are veggie centered, soy and wheat free (other grains and beans are ok as additions, but i'm really trying to focus on the veggies themselves).

as a side note, i think this will be a good thing for all of us to think about, because relying on any one form of food can be detrimental to our health... let's hear some of your vegan creativity!!!
Tags: -allergies-gluten/wheat, -allergies-soy
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