mr mouse (inquiet) wrote in vegancooking,
mr mouse

other uses/substitutions for bulgur?

i just returned from the store to discover that the bulgur that i purchased [in bulk] would be joining more that i had already bought to replace the one that was running out and then was gone. so i now have about twenty times more bulgur than i really know what to do with.
i usually just make baked falafel balls, but i think that i'd end up with double my weight in them. and i just mixed some with tvp and spices to make a taco filling. but i am now at a loss. i was hoping to find something casserole-like that already had bulgur or could easily have bulgur subbed in for another grain.
i checked the memories and searched through and this is what came up. except i'm not really fond of cold grains or congee/oatmeal -like breakfast foods.
any suggestions?
Tags: grains-bulghur/bulgur wheat
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