enemy of Leon (friend_of_tofu) wrote in vegancooking,
enemy of Leon

Cooking with houmous.

OK, checked the recipes and couldn't see anything which involved actually using the houmous as an ingredient. I've got 2 whole tubs of flavoured houmous in the fridge (one red pepper, one lemon and coriander) which are past their sell-by date but still good. They need to be used up quickly and I can't possibly eat 2 tubs on bread in the next day or 2, so I was thinking about using them in something else, like a roast or deep-fried balls. I had a great recipe for houmous patties in my Leah Leneman cookbook, but sadly it's at another house and I don't have it to hand. Any ideas, people? I think some houmous-based little burgers would be amazing, but I'm not sure how to make them from scratch and have them cook properly and not fall apart.

(NB One pescetarian and one meatitarian in the house besides me, who I'd like to be able to enjoy the largesse - both will happily eat veg*n but it's got to be tasty and not full of 'weird vegan' ingredients, whatever that means)
Tags: condiments-hummus, substitutes-meat-burgers
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