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curry with tempeh, sweet potatoes, and green beans

I'm at my dad's house for Christmas Eve dinner, and he lives with a married couple who have invited plenty of people over. I'm stuck with making my own dinner, which doesn't have to feed anyone else. The other night a friend made us a dinner which consisted of mashed sweet potatoes, tempeh, and green bell peppers. It seemed really simple, just baking the potatoes, and cooking up the tempeh and peppers in some oil and curry powder. He also put curry powder and sesame seedson the potatoes. I want to do something like this, but with green beans instead of peppers, because I'm not a fan of those. However, I'd like there to be a sauce of some sort to pour over the food, and not just curry powder sprinkled on it.
My dad is taking me to Whole Foods today (right now actually) and I'm buying coconut milk. Should I just cook the tempeh and the beans in coconut milk and curry powder/other spices? Or is there a sauce I can make separately and still cook the tempeh in just oil? I don't want to cook the potatoes in anything, just bake 'em, mash 'em and serve (what I'm thinking is that I'll mash the potatoes on my plate, and serve tempeh triangles in a ring on top, and have the green beans in the middle, and then sauce poured on top).

Sorry if I went into too much detail! Basically, curry sauce with coconut milk, please! :))) Thank you so much
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