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Questions - Chreese, Aura Pro and Field Roast

Okay, as far as the veganism thing goes, I think I'm a pretty big sinner compared to most of the people on here. I frequently cheat when I dine out, but am somewhat strict at home. My biggest failing seems to be cheese. Being Italian, the holidays are the worst time to avoid cheese (with all the antipasto platters and lasagna) and so I'm feeling especially guilty right about now. I am a vegetarian (trying hard to be vegan) strictly for ethical/animal rights reasons (although the health benefits are also great) so I am determined to make a much more serious attempt at complete veganism in 2007.

With that in mind, I have questions on a few products and, hopefully, with your combined experience, you guys can give me your opinions.

First off, how is Field Roast compared to Tofurkey? I've had Tofurkey the last two Thanksgivings and liked it quite a bit. When I was a vegetarian I ate Quorn Roast at Thanksgiving, but had to give it up because it contains egg. Who prefers the Field Roast to Tofurkey? Or are they comparable? My local Mrs. Greens and Nature's Way both carry Tofurkey. If I want Field Roast, I think I have to send for it. Therefore, it really has to be much better to justify the extra expense.

Second, Aura Pro...I realize that in order to purchase this I have to buy it in bulk (8 lb. minimum) direct from the manufacturer. That's not really a problem for me. According to the website 8 lbs would run me about $68 (plus s&h). What I want to know is, how is it? On the website, it looks outrageously authentic. Pluswhich, they offer crabmeat, chicken, pork and beef flavors. I know that it's on the menu on some restaurants in the St. Louis area. Has anyone tried it? Better yet, has anyone cooked with it? If so, is it hard to work with?

And last...Chreese. I noticed that someone on veganfoodpics said they love Chreese brand Mac and Cheese Mix. Has anyone tried their packets of mix that you can whip up to replace cheddar and mozzarella cheese? How does one prepare it? Is it tasty? Easy to make?

Any responses are appreciated. Ta.
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