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Looking for gluten free vegan treats

I like to make my friends cookies for the holidays. I leave for Los Angeles late tomorrow night and will be bringing the Chocolate Mint Holiday Balls from the Native Foods cookbook for most everyone. One of my friends is allergic to gluten. I didn't find this out last year until like a week after I gave him a bag full of vegan treats that all contained gluten. The Mint Balls not only have flour, but also vital gluten flour for the egg replacer - so he definetly could not eat those.

I am looking for a recipe for something gluten free that is sweet, easy to make and won't require me having to mash together a bunch of dates or buy strange ingredients that I won't likely use again. So if anyone has anything that fit my criteria and they could post it, I would greatly appreciate it! :)

Of course, if I didn't give him cookies he wouldn't know what he is missing, but I kind of like this guy and he was also one of my inspirations in going vegan so I'd feel better if I had something for him.


Tags: -allergies-gluten/wheat
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