wefoughtharder (wefoughtharder) wrote in vegancooking,

Extreme Hazelnut Recipes and Baking Supply Websites?

I checked the memories but can't find quite exactly what I'm looking for, which is:

Any kind of sweet/dessert recipe that uses hazelnuts or hazelnut extract, particularly to impart a VERY hazlenutty flavor and bonus points for something creamy and velvety and melt in your mouth-ey. I had hazelnut silk creamer in my coffee this morning and it brought back the memory of a particular dessert or cookie that i used to have when i was younger that had a really powerful hazlenut tasting cream in it. Can't remember what the food was but I remember that taste and texture... and damn it was good.

I'm also looking for a website that is good for baking supplies with gourmet or hard-to find ingredients (any prices), or baking supplies/ingredients that are moderately priced. I'm talking extracts, specialty stuff, bakeware, utensils etc. What are your favorite places for delicious/practical baking treats and gear online?
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