heather (pinksprinkels) wrote in vegancooking,

Seitan and Fondue

Hey everyone, I'm attempting my first ever homemade seitan using the ppk's recipe. Now that its simmering, I'm at a bit of a loss as what I should do next. I have some portabellas, and a lot of leftover tomato paste. Some broccoli and snow peas, peppers and onions, etc.

The recipe index was also a bit overwhelming, but does anyone have an idea or two to use up the mushrooms, tomato paste and the seitan?

I'm also a little worried about it, it smells very strongly of soy sauce. And it seems darker in color than I would have thought. So I used some water in the simmering broth in addition to the soy and veg broth.

My mom gave me a fondue pot for christmas. Any good recipes, especially ones that omnivores would enjoy? I was thinking something chocolate would be great for everyone, but was hoping to come up with a delicious one to use with veggies and breads.

Tags: fondue, seitan
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