K (lumiereauteur) wrote in vegancooking,

Vegan... frozen yogurt?

Hi all!

I bought a Donvier ice cream maker today for $5 (!) at a thrift store - it's basically in perfect condition and I've been wanting one forever, so I'm very excited.

I've looked through some of the vegan ice cream/soy cream recipes in the memories, and while I might try some of the coconut milk ones (my boyfriend is a coconut fiend) I was wondering if anyone has tried making a frozen yogurt-style vegan dessert? With soy yogurt as the base? Dairy frozen yogurts usually just consist of a few cups of yogurt, sweetners, fruit/flavorings, and that's it. I just wonder if the consistency of soy yogurt would come out the same, or would be too icy?

Thoughts or tips (or better yet, recipes!) would be appreciated!
Tags: -appliances-ice cream makers, desserts-frozen yoghurt
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