enousha (enousha) wrote in vegancooking,

Deep Frying Experiment: Fries

This evening, I found myself wanting fries. I decided that since I have potatoes, oil and a pot, there was no reason why I couldn't have fries! This was my first time deep frying, but cooking experiments are always fun. :)

I know it looks like a lot of salt in this picture, but very little actually stuck. I had them with white vinegar drizzled from a measuring cup, which didn't work very well, so the ketchup saved the day. I need to work on my pouring technique, or get a vinegar bottle. :)

Directions: Peel your potatoes if desired, then cut into your preferred shape. Place in pot and partially cover with oil. Cook on high heat, stirring regularilly until golden brown. Fish out with slotted spoon and place on paper towels to absorb oil.

Tags: fried stuff, side dishes-french fries/chips
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