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thai calzones? er.

(first I would like to unrelatedly advertise a fun vegan cooking podcast I recently discovered, Let's Get Baked with Matt and Dave and the RSS)

I like making stuff up with things I have on hand, since I live close to an AMAZING asian grocery (fubonn in se pdx) and frequently have good ingredients on hand.

this was a "black pepper pie" crust thing, a peanut sauce, broccoli, carrot and some tofu.

the crust came frozen, that's fine, I just stuck it on the pizza-tin thing, which I had smeared a tiny bit of oil on. I made the peanut sauce out of this satay bottled sauce I had, and some leftover redpepper hummus, and maybe something else. I don't know, whatever suits your fancy. put some of that on the 'pies', baked at 350 for maybe 10 min, broiled for maybe 5, rolled up burrito style, cut like sushi.

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