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I have a question about couscous, brought to my attention by the book Ultra-Metabolism by Mark Hyman, M.D. which I got for Christmas.

It says to eliminte couscous and bulger wheat from your diet because it contains gluten. Now, I am sure that you must be able to get couscous that is gluten free right? I am not a 100% vegan, be it, that I don't eat meat, and I avoide gluten quite easily, and I don't eat dairy because I am lactose intolerant, plus all the added views of being vegan.... but I love couscous, and I am not so sure now.... can you get couscous without gluten?

If you do, where do you get yours from? What brand, or, can you make it from scratch?

Also, do you have any couscous sugestions? I love it plain to be honest, with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil with maybe some seeds sprinkled, but I also added spices sometimes, and of course, freshly cooked veg. There is a moroccian style that I see kicking about in the read made couscous dishes, but I am not sure about what this moroccian dressing is.

Any ideas? I am not a fan of tomatoey stuff. I love tomatoes, just not really in couscous, I like peppers and chickpeas and other greens and reds.

Your thoughts and sugestions would be most apprechiated. Because, I love it, and I would hate to have to eliminate it.
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