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Hummus and sun-dried tomato wrap

There's this little coffee shop across the street from my apartment that serves the best wrap sandwich. Except that its not vegan. So i tried to make it at home and it turned out pretty good.

Flour tortilla
lettuce (its ok with iceburg but better with other)
other vegetables (ive only used fresh tomatoes)
hummus (ive found that plain or roasted garlic is best)
a small amount basil pesto (seriously, you only need about 1/2 - 1 tsp if its strong)
1-3 pieces Sun-dried tomatoes (reconstituted in hot water if using the dried kind)
Shreded vegan mozzerella (never used it, but the coffee shop uses the real stuff)

Heat the tortilla a little so its easier to work with. Spread the hummus, then the pesto on it. Slice the sun-dried tomatoes, place on the shell. Then add the lettuce and other vegetables that you've chosen. Roll up and eat.

The coffee shop is Bad Ass Coffee Co., so i suppose its their "recipe"

Tags: condiments-hummus, vegetables-tomatoes, wraps
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