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Stuffed shells, thanks guys!

A while back I asked for main dish ideas for a bridal shower. I got some great responses. Many of them were for lasagna or pasta, so I combined the two and made stuffed shells. All the omnis loved them. I just wanted to thank you all for the ideas and drop off the recipe.

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Stuffed shells

I adapted this recipe from the ricotta part of a lasagna found on vegweb.

1/2 16 oz bag chopped frozen spinach
tomato sauce/spaghetti/marinara (1 jar or less is
1 carrot diced small
1/2 small onion, minced
2 cloves minced garlic
1/4 cup canned veggie broth
About 3/4 package of firm tofu
8 oz. vegan cream cheese (please use tofutti unless you've tried others)
2 Tblspns. lemon juice
1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
1 pkg. jumbo shells)***
2 TBL italian seasoning, or a mix of
basil/oregano/thyme or whatever you want
Salt, to taste
Nutritional yeast, optional

while noodles are cooking, place carrots and onion in pan and saute with oil until tender.
Add garlic. Saute 1 min.
add veggie broth; simmer uncovered for 5 min.
Squeeze/crumble tofu through your hands into pan. You want it to be as smooth as you can get it.
Add vegan cream cheese, spinach, herbs, salt, and lemon juice; stir well.
Cook over medium heat stirring constantly until fake cheesy stuff starts to melt.
Stir in nutmeg and nutritional yeast, if using
stuff the shells and pour warm marinara over shells.

**** Put some oil in the water so the shells don't stick together. Also, stir them gently so they don't get stuck to the bottom! I think the ricotta recipe stuffs about 3/4 of the pkg of pasta shells.
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