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Pumpkin (or squash to americans?) Gnocchi with creamy sage sauce


Here is what I made and have been eating for the last few days. This stuff easily freezes- just roll the leftover uncooked gnocchi in some flour, put in freezer bag and freeze until you want to use it again :)

so here we go

Gnocchi ingredients:
half a smallish butternut pumpkin (squash?)
3 cups flour
2 tablespoons vegan parmesan

chop and de seed pumpkin half, then put in bowl, cover with cling film and prick, then put in microwave for approx 6 min. Then mash. Stir in all other ingredients, and knead with hands. You may need a lot more flour, or a little less, just make sure its not really very sticky but not so dry that its falling apart. Knead, then roll out in about six pieces, in long sausages. Then slightly flatten and chop into little gnocchis about two cm long. :)

Put the water on the boil.... then begin

Creamy sage sauce ingredients:
heaped tablespoon vegan butter/marge
heaped tablespoon tofutti cream cheese
20 leaves fresh sage
sprinkle vegan parm
cup of fake chicken stock *veg stock would do if u dont have fake chick flavour

melt butter n cream cheese. stir in the sage, all of this on love heat. Slowly add chicken stock a little at a time.

put gnocchi *and some brocollini or brocolli if u like* in boiling water. Cook till the gnocchi rises, then three min more. In last min add some chopped fresh english spinach if u like. Drain.
Serve, then pour sauce over the top.
Best sauce EVER I swear. :)
Enjoy peoples xx
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