Kendy aka MissMuffcake (missmuffcake) wrote in vegancooking,
Kendy aka MissMuffcake

super fine sugar and red rice

I want to make s'foof or commonly called Lebanese yellow cakes...The only problem is that the recipe calls for 'super fine golden sugar'. I do not do refined sugar and I have not been able to find it at the middle eastern specialty market. When baking I usually use sugar in the raw or turbinado...What can/should I do?

Also my mister loves his mom's 'red rice'...So being the super fab girlfriend I try to recreate red rice...I try a few spanish rice recipes and non work for him. Last week I run into his mom and ask her what her secret was...Well the way she described it the rice is simple. She uses a bit of olive oil and then ads white rice, tomato sauce and a bit of water and cooks it...She says to stir it and taste it till it is done. OK now I need more complete instructions like how much water/tomato sauce I use and how do I cook the uncooked rice in olive oil? I am confused and since I don't talk to his mom much (I am intimidated by her!) I need help. Also all the white rice I found at the store is enriched. Should I call the companies to make sure the vitamins are not animal-derived. The brand she uses in Mahatma (or something like that)...
Tags: ethnic food-spanish, grains-rice, sweeteners-sugars
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