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my petit recit

Steak Strips and Red Peppers!

I bought a couple of bags of those Morningstar Steak Strips cause they were super-cheap one day and I was interested in getting back into weightlifting, so I thought they'd be a good source of protein. Little did I know, the bag simply says, "throw them in your favorite recipes!" or something to that effect.

But I don't have any favorite recipes anymore that call for steak. Does anyone have any creative ideas for how to use these? Preferably in something I could make on Sunday and eat leftovers of for the school week? I also bought some red peppers with the full intention of using them, so bonus points for incorporating red peppers (or other good recipes involving red peppers). I am trying to cut down my fat, so low oil things would be ideal.

Oh, and as far as the red peppers go, I love most types of beans so if you have a recipe with beans & red peppers, that would be lovely, too. And I have approximately 7 lbs of basmati rice that I am interested in using someday before I die. (Who knew 7 lbs was so much??? I'm a sucker for a sale, it was cheap...)

Thanks in advance!
Tags: grains-rice, substitutes-meat-steak, vegetables-peppers/capsicum
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