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quinoa brain wave

i haven't posted in a long time... but as i was eating my quinoa fried rice, i had a brain wave.

for sushi die-hards, one can use red quinoa to resemble roe for sushi roll topping! 

i've made vegan sushi with brown short grain rice and quinoa for a pot-luck in the fall last year and it was a success - i highly recommend it!  the ratio of rice:quinoa was 2:1, season with the usual fixings, and wrap with veggies in seaweed sheets!  don't forget to let the rice cool before adding the vinegar. 

my favourite sushi roll fillings (all julienned):
grilled zuchinni, baked taro and/or sweet potato
marinated shiitake/pearl mushroom (plus grilled zuchinni is good too)
avocado, cucumber, carrots
lettuce and tomato
grilled marinated ginger tofu with shiitake/pearl mushroom
steamed asparagus

i hope some of you get to try it!
Tags: -adapting recipes, ethnic food-japanese-sushi, grains-quinoa
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