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rice noodle salad

Well I'm seeing a delicious pasta trend today so I thought I'd add my current favourite! It's not really a recipe so much as a vague guideline.

-Rice noodles (whatever thickness you like.  I got a 9 serving bag at my local oriental store for $1!!!!)
-Vegetables that you like raw (I use broccoli slaw when it's discounted at kroger and some sliced red cabbage)
-Chickpeas or whatever bean/legume you like
-Your favourite salad dressing (I used the italian style salad spritzer)
-a sprinkling of your favourite nut
-whatever spices you like

I cook the rice noodles in a small pot. (Boil water, add noodles, soak until done)  While they're soaking, I add the veggies, chickpeas, & nuts (I use sliced almonds) to a bowl and mix with my hands.  Then I add the salad dressing & spices.  By this time, the noodles are done. I drain the water and put the noodles back into the pan.  I briefly stir-fry them with some of the salad dressing and some salt & pepper.  Add noodles to veggies and mix! 
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