Micah (slackademic) wrote in vegancooking,

college-fare for nine (and cheap!)

I spent some serious quality time searching through the memories section, but wasn't able to find what I need (most were vegan substitute inclusive, labor intensive, and/or difficult to make in bulk)
I'm cooking dinner for eight non-veg students tomorrow (mostly freshmen), and there's been some serious trepidation on their part about being confronted with veg food.
I've had requests for no faux meat or tofu, which really limits the options.
I'm looking for suggestions of an inexpensive meal to make en masse (so no individually prepped portions, please), complimentary side dish recipes also welcome.
I need (relatively) unadventurous college fare. The standard fall-back, of course, would be pasta with vegan marinara, garlic bread, and mixed green salad with vinagrette. I would love more exciting, less dorm-tastic suggestions, though!
so, the guidelines:
- must be easy to prepare and serve for NINE in a tiny kitchen
- minimal assembly for the diners ("build your own" anything could get really messy with 8 18 year olds)
- conventional ingredients (there is serious tofu/faux meat/soy substitution phobia in this crowd)
- Inexpensive ingredients (I want to keep the ingredient total for the meal below $30)

So, show me what you've got!
side dishes, main dishes, and desserts- conventional, not terribly adventurous, but delicious!

EDIT: Thanks for all the fantastic suggestions! The clear winners so far seem to be a veggie chilli (sans faux meat or TVP) with vegan cornbread, a green salad, or warm collard or mustard greens (I'll go with what's freshest), and a massive apple crisp for dessert. I have recipes for everything but the warm greens (I'd love to get a selection of your favorite mustard/collard recipes)
However, if you have a brilliant idea before Sunday morning, definitely post. The menu isn't set until I start cooking.
Thanks everyone!
Tags: -veganism on a budget, co-ops/large volume recipes/tips, dorm-cooking, easy-recipes, party foods &/or potlucks, quick-meals
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