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dairy-free creamer

I attend a culinary school and for a final project in a nutrition course I have been assigned to make DAIRY FREE ice cream by altering a recipe given to me by the instructor. I thought "hey- easy enough..." boy was I wrong. The main problem I have come across is that many of the HEAVY CREAM recipe subsitutes use coconut cream which would dramatically alter the flavor of the vanilla ice cream. So far I have silken tofu puree pound for pound for the cream and 1/3 cup oil 2/3 cup soy/rice/almond milk.

I found one that said to puree raw cashews with water...but that was in a comment and I couldn't find it online, does anybody have a book/article/etc. that uses that formula?

Or better yet, does anybody have another heavy cream substitute?

I would just use soy cream, but teach said that wasn't allowed. Gah. Darn "rules and regulations."

PS- i did read the FAQ/memories that's where i found the cashew one...but without a source i cannot use it! ;)

ETA::: source of cashew cream replacer, but still, more would be good :)
Tags: desserts-ice-cream, substitutes-dairy-cream/condensed milk
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