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Croatian Style Bean Casserole + Adapted Fried Flat Breads

Croatian Style Bean Casserole:

This is taken from my great aunt's Croatian side dishes but adapted by me to be vegan - it still tastes very authentic and doesn't need stock or meat to help it along. This meal can feed 6 people for under NZD15 or GBP10. The casserole is also great reheated.

:EDIT: please note that you can use about a cup and a half of either dried (but well soaked) or frozen beans for any or all of the tinned beans and you can add some fresh or frozen chopped long green beans too if you want. :EDIT:


1 medium brown/white onion chopped in large chunks
2 cups cupped celery
3-4 large cloves garlic crushed and diced (or 4-5 tsp of pre-crushed garlic)
1 tin or butter beans
1 tin large red kidney beans
1 tin broad beans
1 cup baby/cherry tomatoes (or 4 regular tomatoes chopped)
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste.

Preheat oven to ~200c. Heat half a cup of olive oil in a heavy based fry pan, when hot add garlic and fry until it starts to go crunchy/golden, add onion and fry until soft covering well in oil. It is ok if onion is just starting to brown, add celery and cover in oil. Add about 3-4 tsps of paprika to the celery and onion mix while still in the pan and mix thoroughly. Leave on heat for a few moments while paprika browns then add to large casserole dish. Mix in drained beans one variety at a time and mix well for even colour distribution and add salt, pepper and a little more paprika. Add tomatoes and half a cup of warm water last so you don't crush them. Put dish in oven covered for about half an hour. Uncover for 10-15 mins and continue cooking. It should check often and add more water if needed - if it is too juicy then just cook uncovered for a bit longer. Serve either on fried breads or rice, dished up or in the dish.

Adapted Fried Breads:

This is adapted from an Indian fried bread using olive oil instead of ghee to make it vegan and to give a more Mediterranean flavor. You can also use peanut or soy so it is still vegan but goes better with Indian flavors. You can make extra dough and refrigerate (but not freeze) it for cooking later too.


olive oil

I use 2-3 cups flour for four people but it is easy to adjust. Sift flour. Rub in about one dessert spoon of olive oil per cup of flour. Then add small amounts of water at a time and kneed until it forms a firm but elastic dough. Take a small amount of dough, about the size of a small pingpong ball, and then roll flat on floured board. The should be about 3-5mm thick and the size of a large saucer (~9cms across). Then shake the bread and stretch it a little with fingers kind of like a pizza base. Make about 4-5 at a time and shake off excess flour.
Heat about 2cms of olive oil in a pan until very hot. Add one bread at a time and tilt the pan so that the oil spills over the bread entirely. The edges should start to harden and the bread should puff up then flip it and cook other side, it may puff up more at this point. It should be cooked and maybe golden - if it goes very brown of too crispy then the oil is too hot.
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