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-=- une vérité ardente -=-

Soy Allergy

I have searched through the memories, etc. but I still wish to ask for your help. :D

I have determined, by eliminating foods a week at a time, that I have a moderate soy allergy, which I believe was brought on by over consumption for a few years. Eventually, I hope to re-introduce soy back into my diet, but right now that is just not an option.

Here is where your help comes in. I need as many tried and true, easy or even complex recipes/ideas for food that you have. You would be surprised how many foods already have soy in them. I am also looking for something to put on my toast in the morning, since my margarine is out of the question now. I am tired of eating just veggies, rice, wraps and salads. I can't even make stir-fries like I want, because of soy!

Honestly, I miss some of the meat analogs, which I know aren't that great for you anyway. Great sandwich ideas, good hearty meals like mom used to make but vegan-style is what I am craving right now. As well as good condiments, pre-made or make-it-yourself?

I am going shopping tonight, so it would be great if you could help me get a good list of ideas together. I will definitely share anything that were just amazing.

Tags: -allergies-soy, substitutes-dairy-butter
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