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Vegan Moose Tracks

Someone just mentioned eating moose tracks ice cream to me, and it almost made me want to run out and get some. Of course my next thought was, "How could I make something simliar?"

So tell me, have you ever found a vegan version of mood tracks ice cream (those who don't know, it's a vanilla base with fudge swirled in and little mini peanut butter cups)? If not, have you ever made something similar? I think you could easily take vanilla vegan ice cream, swirl in some vegan fudge (something similar to Hershys, but maybe a little more natural? Ideas?), and either make your own mini peanut butter cups, or get a vegan version (Newmans?) then crush/chop them up.

I'm starting to really miss this ice cream, if you can't tell!! Thanks! :)

Edit: Whoops. I mentioned Newmans peanut butter cups, but apparently they aren't vegan. I've not had them, I just kind of assumed the were (of course I would look before eating).
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